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Marvel Heroes

Step into the role of a super hero and develop your superhuman powers. In the Marvel Universe, there is no shortage of people who need saving or villains who need a spanking!
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Marvel Heroes Description

Step into the role of a super hero and develop your superhuman powers. In the Marvel Universe, there is no shortage of people who need saving or villains who need a spanking!


In the action-packed online game of Marvel Heroes, you will find yourself deep in the Marvel universe, full of iconic comic heroes and villains. Around every corner you will recognize these famous faces, both good and bad. You will take on the role of your favorite character, such as Superman, Captain America or The Flash, and jump headlong into the world of superheroes. You get to decide the path you follow and write your own story in Marvel Heroes.

Regardless of what superhero you choose to be, you will have to fight the forces of evil. With all of your abilities and skills, you will face off against some of the most powerful villains to ever be seen in the comic-book world of Marvel Heroes. The more you work at it, the better your superhero abilities will become, letting you take down the villains that much faster.

In the free-to-play online game Marvel Heroes, you will be given loads of missions. Each one will give you a different task to complete and will bring you deeper into the lore of the Marvel Universe. Of course, you will also be able to explore iconic places and scenery which is also famous in the comic book world.

Action-packed adventures full of danger and challenges await you in the free-to-play online game, Marvel Heroes. By taking on the role of a superhero and defeating the evil villains of the world, you will be able to experience comic books like never before and see what it is like to be a real superhero yourself!

by Kyle Hayth

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